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Femdom/BDSM E-Book Collection (126 PDF's)
Femdom/BDSM E-Book Collection (126 PDF's)

.... and do not forget †o enjoy !

A collection of female domination/BDSM themed eBook's in pdf format.

50 Shades of Kink - Tristan Taormino.pdf
50 Ways to Play BDSM For Nice People.pdf
A Charm School For Sissy Maids - Lorelei.pdf
A Dominants Handbook with exam 26-11.pdf
A Guide To The Correction of Young Gentlemen.pdf
A KeyHolders Handbook - Georgia Ivey Green.pdf
A Keyholders Diary - Esther Park.pdf
A to Z Of BDSM - Bill Reed.pdf
An Owned Life - Dennis Najee.pdf
Around Her Finger - Addison.pdf
At Her Feet - TammyJo Eckhart.pdf
BDSM Playbook - Melissa Beach.pdf
Becoming A Slave - Jack Rinella.pdf
Behave - The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst.pdf
Beyond Games of Trance - Alex Tsander.pdf
Bound To Be Free The SM Experience.pdf
Breaking My Slave - De Coster.pdf
Caring Domination.pdf
Collared - Melissa Cohen.pdf
Consensual Spanking - Jules Markham.pdf
Control Your Submissive Boy- Lockhart.pdf
Diary Of An S&M Romance - Dollie Llama.pdf
Discipline- Adding Rules And Discipline To Your BDSM Relationship.pdf
Dom's Guide to Submissive Training - Elizabeth Cramer.pdf
Dom's Guide to Submissive Training Vol2- Elizabeth Cramer.pdf
Domestic Discipline - Jules Markham.pdf
Dominant Female Submissive Male - Sophia James.pdf
Domination and Submission - The BDSM Relationship Handbook.pdf
Electro Stim Safety - Lady Robin.pdf
Endless Knot - Mathew Styranka.pdf
Enough To Make You Blush - Princess Kali.pdf
Erotic Power An Exploration of Dominance and Submission - Gini Scott .pdf
Erotic Surrender The Sensual Joys Of Female Submission - Claudia Varrin.pdf
Essence of Shibari - Shin Nawakari.pdf
Extreme Space The Domination And Submission Handbook - Mallory.pdf
Family Jewels A Guide To Male Genital Play And Torment - Hardy Haberman.pdf
FemDom And Brainwashing Techniques - William Bond.pdf
FemDom Training of Submissive Male - Vanessa Chaland.pdf
Female Dominance Rituals And Practices - Claudia Varrin.pdf
Female Domination - Elise Sutton.pdf
Female Domination 101 - Smythe.pdf
Femdom for Nice Girls - Lucy Fairbourne.pdf
Fifty Shades of Domination - Miranda.pdf
Finding Your Domme - Hart.pdf
Flames Of Passion Handbook Of Erotic Fire Play.pdf
Flogging - Joseph Bean.pdf
How To Set Up An FLR - Georgia Ivey Green.pdf
How to Get Your Wife to Cuckold - Lionel Maximilien.pdf
HypnoDomme - Forbidden Erotic Hypnosis Secrets Revealed - Kali DuBois.pdf
Hypnotize Your Lover - Wendi Friesen.pdf
Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook.pdf
Juice - Electricity For Pleasure And Pain.pdf
La Laisse A Common Sense Approach To Dominance And Submission.pdf
Learning The Ropes - Race Bannon.pdf
Look Into My Eyes - Peter Masters.pdf
Male Chastity A Guide for Key Holders - Lucy Fairbourne.pdf
Master Nage's Guide To Training Consensual Slaves.pdf
Master-Slave Relations-Theory And Practice - Rubel.pdf
Mating in Captivity Unlocking Erotic Intelligence - Esther Perel.pdf
Mind Play A Guide To Erotic Hypnosis - Mark Wiseman.pdf
Miss Abernathys Concise Slave Training Manual.pdf
On The Safe Edge A Manual For SM Play.pdf
Our Lives Our History.pdf
Owning And Training A Male Slave - Ingrid Bellemare.pdf
Paradigms Of Power - Raven Kaldera.pdf
Partners In Power Living In Kinky Relationships - Jack Rinella.pdf
Protocol Manual - James Gordon.pdf
Protocols Handbook For The Female Slave - Robert Rubel.pdf
Real Service - Joshua Tenpenny.pdf
Real Women Dont Do Housework - Fumika Misato.pdf
Real Women Dont Do Housework.pdf
SM 101- A Realistic Introduction - Jay Wiseman.pdf
Safe Sane And Consensual.pdf
Screw the Roses-Send Me the Thorns.pdf
Sensuous Magic A Guide to SM - Patrick Califia.pdf
Serving Me - Slave Instruction Manual - Ingrid Bellemare.pdf
Sex Power and Pleasure - Mariana Valverde.pdf
Sex Tips from a Dominatrix - Patricia Payne.pdf
Sexual Power for Women - Georgeann Cross.pdf
She Comes First - Ian Kerner.pdf
She Wants A Loving Female Led Relationship - Te-Erika Patterson.pdf
Shes In Control - MsNN.pdf
Shibari You Can Use Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macrame.pdf
SlaveCraft - Guy Blawdwin.pdf
Submissive Training - 23 Things - Elizabeth Cramer.pdf
Taking Back Your Marriage - Georgia Ivey Green.pdf
Techniques Of Pleasure - Margot Weiss.pdf
The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook - Gemma Forbes.pdf
The Art of Sensual Female Dominance A Guide for Women - Claudia Varrin.pdf
The Bride Wore Black Leather - Drew Campell.pdf
The Compleat Slave - Jack Rinella.pdf
The Control Book - Peter Masters.pdf
The Curious Human Phenomenon - Peter Masters.pdf
The Dominant Wife Rulebook - Mistress Jessica.pdf
The Ethical Slut - Easton & Hardy.pdf
The FemDom Experience - Elise Sutton.pdf
The Female Dominant Games She Plays - Claudia Varrin.pdf
The Forked Tongue A Handbook For Treating People Badly - Flagg.pdf
The Good Girls Guide to Domination.pdf
The Hesitant Mistress - Dvanna Hightower.pdf
The Lesbian SM Safety Manual - Pat Califia.pdf
The Little Bit Naughty Book of Blow Jobs.pdf
The Loving Dominant - John Warren.pdf
The Mamoth Book Of Erotic Romance And Domination - Jakubowski.pdf
The Masters Manual - Jack Rinella.pdf
The Mind Whisperer Erotic Hypnosis Sensual Trace And Beyond - Shane Hill.pdf
The Mistress Manual - Lorelei.pdf
The New Bottoming Book.pdf
The New Brides Guide to Training Her Husband - Addison.pdf
The New Topping Book.pdf
The Sexually Dominant Woman - Lady Green.pdf
The Surrendered Wife - Laura Doyle.pdf
The Ultimate Guide to Kink - Tristan Taormino.pdf
The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy - Violet Blue.pdf
Thinking Kink - Catherine Scott.pdf
Ties That Bind - Guy Baldwin.pdf
Tips and Tricks For KeyHolders - Georgia Ivey Green.pdf
To Love To Obey To Serve - V.M. Johnson.pdf
Training With Miss Abernathy.pdf
Training of a Slave - De Coster.pdf
Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes.pdf
Uniquely Rika - Ms Rika.pdf
What You Always Wanted To Know About Sex Fantasies - Thomas Hilton.pdf
Where I Am Led - Christina Parker.pdf
Why Women Should Rule The World - William Bond.pdf
Worshipping Your Wife - Mark Remond.pdf


Download fileboom:

Download FemdomBookCollectionx126v.part1.rar - 500.0  MB

Download FemdomBookCollectionx126v.part2.rar - 500.0  MB

Download FemdomBookCollectionx126v.part3.rar - 313.0  MB


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