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How to torrent:
Read and understand how to make a client and torrents running

Beginners Guide To Torrenting At FemDomCult Tracker

Brief Introduction
BitTorrent is not a program but a communication protocol - a method of distributing large amounts of data
widely using a peer-to-peer network (P2P)
Files are not hosted on one server but on many different individual computers forming a Peer-to-peer network.
Before downloading a .torrent file (usually only a few kb) you will first need a free BitTorrent
Client such as uTorrent or Deluge.
The same applies when sharing your own material (uploading) to the tracker.

Some of the benefits of a private tracker such as FemDomCult are:
Safer downloading. No viruses are present. FC staff check torrents regularly.
Convenience and speed: If you possess reasonable download speed a torrent can be yours within minutes.
Community spirit. Ask others for help & learn more + enjoy the fun elements.

Willingness to seed back what you have taken (leeched) is very important on every private tracker.
Your download and upload stats are displayed on your profile and you have the responsibility of maintaining
a ratio set by the system, ideally this is 1:1
Before attempting to act in any way please read the rules & forum tutorials at FC to avoid future disappointment.

Currently the tracker is closed to new registrations.
Therefore only invites will allow you to register...

Go to

and enjoy!
(do not forget to read there , on this trackersite the area in the forum about all the tutorials how to do ...!)
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